Mardian is finally dead


Garden of Love


Entering the Castle


Quite Another World


Exit from the Castle


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The hero of this mystery novel, eunuch Mardian, is actually an extra of Shakespeare’s famous play “Anthony and Cleopatra”. Mardian tells a story of his life which he lived in the shadow of that great love.
The Garden of Love is a post-modern novel about the famous baroque painter and diplomat P.P. Rubens, his time and faked history of the emergence of a painting after which the novel was named. The story begins in Antwerp in 1625, when the main female character, Rubens’s wife Isabela Brandt quite by accident discovered his infidelity.
A mystery travel through history and myths of world architecture in seven stories. The Dedalus’ Maze at Knosos; the Gardens of Versailles; the Cathedral, Mexico City; Alhambra Palace; the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco; the Keops’ Pyramid, and the Observatory at Jaipur.
A short novel about a shameful crime, one of the many similar episodes from the Bosnian war. The criminal is an ordinary man, a law student, who was brought by cruel war time circumstances into situation to first take part in a gang rape and then to try in vain to justify the crime by love and to reduce his victim to slave-like position.
In an intriguing combination of post-modern narrative form with present day reality of a transitional Serbia, Obradović once again deals with the questions of responsibility and the overall sense of life, from the drama of next-door neighbour relations to war crimes to an allegory of the Roman Emperor Kaligula’s advisor and the eternal dilemma whether a wise man should participate in Government?